Cryptocurrency is barely 15 years old but they are worth trillions of dollars, it’s more than the GDP of Spain, depending on whom you ask, for most, it is the future of money.

Crypto is way more than money, it will provide abundance and freedom to humanity in ways yet unfathomable. Crypto is going to be the best technology to metamorphose humanity from analog to digital currency. The new digital money will be a new way and a better upgrade for humanity. People see the volatility and it scares them but one of the beauties of crypto is a decentralized digital open system, it’s an open transparent ledger, something we’ve never experienced especially with the bottle-neck conventional banking system.

The Internal revenue service is aware of the potency and potential of Crypto so crypto holders are targets for the IRS.

Imagine what happens when your bank accounts are just shut down like in Canada and fiat doesn’t exist anymore. You can just cut off millions of people from the world financial system without them having an alternative, this is where crypto comes in and bridges that divide. We now should educate more people about crypto and its potential, the freedom and privacy to transact without the government breathing down your neck with ridiculous taxes.

In 2023 Banks are going to be burdened with the responsibility of migrating to stablecoins as digital currencies will become commonplace. The transition is going to change our entire financial system.

Crypto will be a step towards a future where traditional money is not needed. If crypto regulations are carried out properly this could be a great period for investing as long as the government doesn’t overstep its boundaries.

Crypto allows you to own something exclusively, it’s an extreme form of owner that is not represented in any other domain of life. if forces you to compare and contrast the independent blockchain technology with the conventional banking system

Being a big believer in blockchain technology makes me believe that it can only advance over time, was impressed during my research to find out that artificial intelligence is being incorporated into the blockchain. In the next few years, a lot will be clearer about the way the cryptosystem will work, and most definitely artificial intelligence will be appreciated as well.

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