Ryan’s Journal.

My Story:

Back in May of 2021, I first became interested in crypto currencies. A co-worker of mine was suggesting that myself and another fellow co-worker invest into a crypto currency called “Ethereum”. At this time one Ethereum Coin would cost you $1919.16 USD at the start of April 2021. Because of bad habits and nagging debts, I had no money to invest but was actively getting FOMO. I went home that night and sat in front of a Alienware gaming laptop which was basically valueless due to the advancements in technology. My three year old laptop was starting to become obsolete. I couldn’t get this crypto stuff off my mind so I hit Reddit to see if there was more information or maybe someone was giving away some free shit. I kept seeing these tags for what is called Ethereum Mining. I can see that has something to do with graphics cards, which luckily my little laptop could suddenly be able to generate money. My Alienware laptop was equipped with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. This card was able to earn 2.50 USD per day if I were to run the program on my computer while it was idle. I quickly started to check off the pre-mining check list:

GPU – Check

Crypto Wallet – Check

Patience – Check

Price of Ethereum

So I pick a mining pool, fill in the required information in the Eth.Bat file. When I click the application I am met with a dark command prompt. After what feels like minutes…Boom, like fireworks a bunch of text and language hitting your screen a mile a minute. Is this it? I see a consistent text that shows 18 MH/s (Megahashes per second). This must be the comparison to horsepower. The better the card, the better the MH/s.

I lay in bed and put my phone on my nightstand’s wireless charger. I leave the screen on my newly created mining dashboard. This was exciting. From what I saw I already made a few cents.

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