Getting Started with GPU Mining

When my friend and I decided to invest in our first GPU miner there were some things you need to consider:

  • Where is this going to be stored:
    • GPUs tend to produce a lot of heat as well as noise
    • it will be open so would your pets have access to this??
  • When I priced my mining rigs, I priced them from $4,000 to $8,000 most of the rigs were 5-6 GPUs.
  • What is your experience with computers and technology?
    • some applications may take some time to learn, and the learning curve will be steep.

Purchasing the GPU mining frame is the first step of the process, here is what I would recommend.

GPU mining frame Amazon

Next you will need a USB Drive, power supply, Motherboard, Ram, and a CPU here are the links for them:

After that is the graphics cards and this is where most of the money is accolated to, below you will see a list of different options for different pay scales (earning per day may vary depending on the cryptocurrency you mine).

  • 6 X 2060‘s – $2900 ($4 per day)
  • 6 X 3060’s – $3250 ($6.50 per day)
  • 6 X 3070’s – $5160 ($8.50 per day)
    • With RTX 3070’s you will need to buy an additional power supply.

Check out my next section of this tutorial where I discuss setting up your rig and installing hive OS.