Shiba inu community is going crazy with the release of Shiba inu soon with new information has just dropped and huge changes are coming soon for Shiba Inu.

This is a massive moment for the Shiba ecosystem so if you have any interest in Shiba Inu or if you hold any shib then you need to read this.

Shiba Inu’s price today is around 1153 units Shib’s price is down four percent in the last 24 hours with a 24-hour trading volume of 264 million dollars the token also currently has a market cap of over 7.2 billion dollars, ranking it as the 12th most valuable cryptocurrency.

It has a Circulating supply of 549 quadrillion coins but this number is getting lower every day due to coin Burns and a total supply of one quadrillion.

Shiba Inu is a mean cryptocurrency that has gained traction this year while it has originally due to Rising pricing the network upped its utilities as well the Shiba Inu network has been doing exceptionally well in recent months despite the growing acceptability of other cryptos.

meme currencies are gaining popularity, the Shiba inu New Burn effort is one such initiative to reduce the number of ships in circulation this assumes a price increase caused by a decrease in Supply and Rising demand.

A new way to burn Shiba Inu, the official handle of shiburn behind the ship burn website has made a new announcement the team announced the launch of their new mobile phone app that can Aid in the increased burning of shib.

The app is now available for both Android and iOS devices in addition it also made it public that it has submitted an Alexa skill for shivered radio. The team is also applying to its station’s app for both IOS and Android. The team also stated that the main shiburn app is on its way.

As stated by shiburn the ultimate aim of the project is to bring in sponsors the sponsors will be aiding in the burning of large volumes of shib the data from the website reveals that only 31 million shibs have been burned in the last 24 hours this is a 47 hike in the burn rate during the same period.

The shib Community has been showing a joint effort in aiding to burn Sheba Inu with this collaborative effort millions of shib can be burned to reduce the supply and height. The demand if you were still watching it would be massively appreciated.

Shiba Inu has one of the highest numbers of launches scheduled for release in the next few months the popular canine-themed crypto token has an ambitious phase ahead in a recent tweet the project teased another detailed look at one of their upcoming areas in the shiv metaverse. shiv’s metaverse went online in April of this year and virtual real estate was sold instantly upon launch.

The latest tease is for the rocket Pond area which will be a part of the virtual space within the crypto space Rockets are a symbol of the belief that a particular asset will take off most famously to the Moon, Going by that principle the Sheba and new team decided to put a rocket pond area in the ship metaverse as many in the Shiba Inu Army believes that the token would go to the Moon.

The team also published a vlog to highlight the different Inspirations for the design of the area, nonetheless, the team has not given an exact date for when the rocket Pond will be ready.

We’ll be watching closely for any new developments and for all things crypto visit the home page for content updated every week.

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