The top five cryptos to buy right now (these cryptos could make you millions).

bitcoins and u s dollar bills

Finally, the whole crypto market has seen some relief with bitcoin up 17% Ethereum up 35% and Binance coin up a full 40%

This begs the question of whether this marks the end of the bear market or just indicates another relief rally, either way, you can make money given the strong market led by large cap cryptos, and it’s safe to assume that smaller coins will follow that’s why in today’s article we present you with well-established projects which we have been buying this week. We have included a range of low-risk to high-risk investments with number five being the most lucrative in our opinion, so make sure you read until the end of the article to see what crypto is.


We believe it could be a really strong buy at this time, Ethereum is the second largest crypto by market cap but the majority of crypto analysts think that the token will soon become the number one ranked and flip bitcoin this is being called the flipping and many think it will be the biggest event in crypto history as it means the market won’t follow bitcoin as strongly anymore which is great news for the industry as bitcoin indefinitely has its negatives but our main reason for buying Ethereum is that there is going to be a massive upgrade coming soon for the crypto with Ethereum 2.0 known as serenity.

Ethereum will soon transition away from proof-of-work algorithms that are also used in bitcoin mining instead it will move towards proof of stake and Ethereum staking the upgrade will bring changes that will according to Ethereum make the currency more scalable, more secure, and more sustainable, although this upgrade won’t be implemented until 2023 it’s always good to get in early especially since we could see the token hit new all-time highs due to the fact the token is currently priced at 1,650, this is down massively from its all-time high of around four thousand five hundred dollars, this means you could get three hundred percent gains if you buy now. Ethereum price today is one thousand six hundred fifty-two dollars with a 24-hour trading volume of 19.8 billion dollars, Ethereum also currently has a market cap of around 198 billion dollars ranking it as the second most valuable crypto.

#2 Chain Link

Chain link is the biggest network in the crypto world that integrates real-world data into smart contracts.

Their field of business data processing is in high demand and chain link has established itself as a kind of a monopoly in this sector since they barely have any competitors, many speculate that once the real crypto adoption takes place chain link will be in direct competition with google amazon and other companies who are Currently processing the data of their users

The main difference between chain link and the Silicon Valley giants are their use of decentralization and anonymity

their cryptocurrency link is one of the first tradable cryptos in the market it’s also considered to be one of the safest cryptos to hold during a bear market given it only decreased eight to five percent from its all-time high, unlike similar altcoins which are down over ninety percent

If the next bull run is in sight, we are confident that chain link will perform very well and go beyond its previous all-time high

#3 Web 3.

for this next crypto we are going to web 3. Did you know that web 3 metaverse coins have been outperforming every other crypto category in the current bear market while bitcoin is down 60 percent over the year. The web 3 sector is up 300 percent since last year.

The blockchain gaming sector is one of the most rapidly developing sectors in the crypto verse one project are standing out with its innovative idea of revolutionizing the traditional gaming space.

#4 Revolve games ticker RPG

Revolve games are set to be the leading gaming ecosystem by building a metaverse where they offer its users opportunities to earn money playing games and stake their in-game coin dollar.

RPG to generate a playable nft such as characters vehicles etc. by performing well in the game users get boosters and level their NFTs up which increases their earnings. one of their core elements is their metaverse which is called celestium

in this virtual world, users can own or rent land on different planets and build games on top of user’s land. every participant in their metaverse will earn their in-game cryptocurrency RPG besides their promising road map revolve games has acquired huge partnerships with companies such as crypto.com

chain link Netflix chrome way and more their native crypto RPG is currently sitting at a market cap of one million dollars we believe that if the team keeps innovating and the blockchain gaming trend is hyping again

revolve games will be one of the biggest players in the space RPG price today is two cents with a 24-hour trading volume of two thousand dollars

The token also currently has a market cap of only eight hundred thousand dollars, so you are incredibly early to this token.


Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange has shown incredible strength in the current bear market, not only has binance listed 2000 new job offers in the current uncertain market environment but they acquired significant partnerships with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Khabi Lame the most popular tick toker with 135 million followers

Moreover, it’s important to stress that there is a constant demand for bnb since their blockchain binance smart chain is the second largest in terms of usage after Ethereum. We use the binance smart chain more than we use any other blockchain due to its low gas fees and fast transactions.

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