November 2021, I was scrolling through Facebook late at night. This was after a successful day of recruiting two more investors for around $6000. My plan for this expansion was to use the local Buy and Sell networks in my area as well as Newegg, Amazon etc. I will acquire enough graphics cards to ensure that I can return them a profit every Friday.

I’m not sure why I made these agreements to pay people weekly. It was just to make it more attractive than once a month. More exposure, I guess. Either way I’m looking at the ridiculous prices for graphics cards. I would say at least double the price than it currently is now, and then some!

I came across a website that I remember seeing some time ago, but before I had secured $6,000. 3080.org or something like that. This site seemed like a good place to start looking because they had competitive prices on their products, which included graphics cards as well as other accessories like power supplies and memory sticks (RAM).

I went to the site and saw the prices were COMPETATIVE, these prices did not stand out initially to be a fraud but an opportunity for me to save money on my purchases by purchasing them.

I was swindled by someone who I thought I could trust. Very, very stupid of me.

I had a good feeling about the partnership at first. I’d been talking to this person for a while, and they seemed like they were on the level. They had all the right answers to my questions, and they knew what they were doing.

I went back to the investors and explained to them the situation and associated risks. I told them at first, I was 50 percent sure. My reasoning was because they were a specific type of card that was hard to get. It made sense for the price. I got the approval from the investor to go for it.

This is where it goes downhill. I was sold that this guy was legit, I would reassure my friends that invested all the time. I was clearly in the denial stage: “He’s fine!” “He won’t let us down!” “It’ll be okay!” And so on…

There was a light at the end of tunnel when the site admin told me one card had been shipped—one of many red flags I looked over! You see, there’s no way anyone can ship something like that in less than three months’ time—but he did! And then… nothing happened after that day

I am a victim of fraud.

They stole my money, but also stole my trust. I sent multiple Facebook messages to the admins of the site who would just ignore it. I had a phone call with one of the site owners when I was interested in buying cards from them, I still have the number in my call logs.

When I began to explain that I never received my card and no one was getting back to me, someone picked me up on the other end of the line. He said his name was John Doe and was quick to hang up and block me from anything he could. Phone number no longer worked, I was blocked from commenting or reviewing anything on their Facebook page rendering me unable to do anything about this issue at all.

I was surprised at how quick this person could disconnect from me; I must take this as a learning lesson in the end as I was the Nieve one. Using a retailing that is not creditable like this is also the risk of doing business with said retailer

As explained in the beginning of this article, what I went through was a costly lesson that gained me a valuable amount of experience. Looking back on this episode I can surely say it’s the best thing that happened to me. I would even say as a direct result of it I have been much more conservative and cautious thinking about making investments or taking part in any kind of business or startup opportunity (with money) for example. If there is anything I can recommend for anyone interested in getting into cryptocurrencies, it is to try and learn from stories like mine and be incredibly careful.

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