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The Metaverse, Merits, and Demerits.


I’m sure when you hear the word ‘METAVERSE’ Your mind automatically conjures up images of gaming, virtual reality, and missing out on life-changing investment returns.

The metaverse is a 3-dimensional world, a virtual environment that enables users to immerse themselves in digital reality and engage with other respective users where you can be whatever you want to be through a digital version of yourself. You can own real estate, mansions, hybrid fancy cars, and the kind of things one could have in reality, it’s a dimensional version of you in an alternate world. The universe is physical, The metaverse is digital and it’s like an amplified version of what we feel in the physical world. Instead of being on the internet, the metaverse takes you to the internet which is a whole different dimension and experience. it’s phenomenal and groundbreaking. In the next decade, Metaverse will become huge and the new normal, the world and how we see and operate in it will change.

Just like every innovative tech they are positives and negatives about it. Let’s talk about some of the Demerits

I strongly opine that whatever we do, we must strike a balance between nature and technology. As a female crypto enthusiast, I’ve had several unpleasant situations in the Metaverse and there’s lately been a rise in sexual harassment. “A nonprofit advocacy group says a researcher’s avatar was raped in the metaverse. Other Meta users have also said they were sexually harassed or abused in the metaverse. Meta investors wanted a report on harms facing metaverse users, but shareholders rejected the idea”. (business insider), but I’ve also made real-world friends, and investments, learned in classes, going to concerts and comedy clubs, and viewed art galleries which feel like really being there – it’s a wonderful thing for bringing people together from around the world. It’s a wonderful thing for mental health too, especially for the introvert gamer types who might not have many social outlets. I love the physical world too, but it’s a fantastic tool for work and social both. This is amazing but I think one of the scariest dark sides is when Big Tech Companies like Google and Facebook collect our data in the metaverse, they would know everything (tho it’s not much different than how it is now). I’m hoping the Metaverse will be on Decentralized Platforms instead.

Metaverse opens a range of opportunities to share experiences in real-time, anywhere, and immersive. so let us go on about the advantages

This technology creates new opportunities for businesses similar to how social media has revolutionized digital marketing and advertising it provides a more immersive way of promoting their products and services through like-like marketing content and advertisements virtualized storefronts and highly interactive engagement customer service.

it also provides new opportunities for workplace communications and interactions online storefronts would move from the two-dimensional planes of e-commerce websites to graphics-heavy and lifelike virtualized stores wherein customers can interact with merchants and the merchandises the technology can also promote the creation ownership and trading of digital assets to include cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens another advantage of metaverse centers on specific applications in learning and education note that online learning using video conferencing platforms and asynchronous classes are considered passive and indirect environment the learning experience is more interactive and instruction becomes more interesting blockchain technology has several applications these are compatible and can be promoted further through shared and immersive virtual environments these include the widespread utilization of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens ownership of digital asset blockchain gaming and other decentralized finance applications

the major advantage of the metaverse centers on enabling a more immersive form of digital communication in which individuals can interact with one another using avatars while navigating through a complex and lifelike virtual environment social networking sites and apps such as Facebook and Twitter are two-dimensional because communications are limited to screen-to-screen interactions a fully immersive and graphics-heavy virtual environment allows a virtual face-to-face interaction while allowing practical use cases for digital contents.


with the metaverse, you can be whatever you want and be wherever you want you can live out your fantasies and live in your dreams you get a whole lot of experience in this space for example in the morning you can decide to play the role of the best chef in the world while in the afternoon you can decide to go surfing in the tropics of the Bahamas. all these things you can do safely from your home while it feels so real.


for our social media account we have profile pictures or DP’s this is the first thing people see when they visit your profile but in the metaverse, you will be getting an avatar instead of just a dp, an avatar is a fully 3d depiction of yourself but you can create and modify it to be the way you want to be you can increase your height add more weight and even put on any type of cloth you want you can be any gender any race you want or even any creature you want according to reports the avatar won’t just look like cartoons but will look more like live images of yourself and this will make it feel like real life simply put you will not feel stuck in the body you were born into this is a whole new level of expressing yourself to people for example people born with severe disabilities can easily erase such disabilities these people can easily create the version of themselves they’ve dreamed of.

so guys let me know down in the comments section below do you think this technology is going to make or mar the world?

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