In the time of writing, we are currently experiencing a crash in the market. or what this is, it is all in how you see it. I was lying in bed yesterday stressed about how I’m going to pay everyone that has invested with me and the people writing for this blog. What am I going to do? Well, there are some positives I need to consider:

  • Everyone that I personally pay is paid in crypto, this means that regardless of market value the value of crypto said person receives doesn’t change.
  • With the mining operations still yielding the same amount of currency before the crash I’m not to need to pay any more overhead for losses.

As for the general reader or someone that is also involved in mining. Yes, the value of your currency is a lower value but if you are in it for the long game, you understand that you only lose when you sell. For those who are mining crypto currency, in most circumstances regardless of market value the amount of currency should not change unless network transactions slow down dramatically.

This is also the time to look back and see if you lost any money in this last market crash. This is a learning lesson to only invest what you can afford, earning money takes time. I say earning money because you do work for it, the time you research, watch the market, talk to other people in the community.

If you can afford to invest you can take this opportunity to buy it at a low cost, Ethereum was priced around 5,500 this time last year. Who knows when or if it will return to those prices but considering the pricing currently it wouldn’t be the worst time to invest, right?

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