With every day that goes by the earnings from Ethereum mining are going down because the difficulty of the network is through the roof! As it stands the merge will happen this august 2022, the developers are noticeably confident in this date, stating these upcoming months are the “dress rehearsal”

I am excited about it because the people that invested with me have mostly stockpiled their crypto. If the price were to rise after this merge, then my investors could sell for a lump sum or just get initial capital back. That means any mining projects we decided to do next will be all profits unless we decide to continue to add more miners in the future.

As I stated before, the next project we are going to be fully transitioning to is Ravencoin. The outlook of this crypto is bearish (so is the whole market), but the fact is that you yield a lot of tokens (238 RVN coin daily with 165 mh/KAWPOW) as compared to other POW (Proof-of-Work) Cryptos were appealing. I’m not against looking into ETC (Ethereum Classic) (.22 ETC daily with 300 mh/Etchash), FIRO (Firo Coin) (3.16 FIRO daily with 144 mh/Firopow), even splitting the rigs across all three. We will see when that time comes, I’m still holding on to the Current profits while they last. I have a lot to think about in the next 60 days. stay tuned.

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Just as a reminder all mining projects will be posted on our homepage.

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