When I started getting into crypto mining, I wasn’t sure I was going to be here today. Currently, a little after a year of me buying my first rig I’m still as committed as ever. Even with the market down at the time of this writing I am still optimistic. At certain points during this last year I was making as much as $120 USD per day. At that time Ethereum was priced at almost $5000 per coin. The current price right now is around $1900 USD.  

This is where it pays to be levelheaded. Some days you look at your accounts and you wonder if you will be all right. Then 6 months later you feel you are living large, but it is just a state of mind. If you are not selling the assets then the value does not affect you as much, more so emotionally. For example, if you have 1 Ethereum coin worth $5000 and falls to a price of $2500, but you don’t sell. Have you lost money? No because if you can remain patient and optimistic that the market will rebound (as historically they always have). 

Again, like any investment there are always risks involved, so remember to only spend what you are okay with losing. 

Throughout this process I started to understand that I really enjoyed seeing my friends and family win. For me it increases my credibility going forward with these individuals. Although I may not personally profit at certain times I am happy that everyone that has trusted me to carry out this idea has been earning dividends. This is where the inception of this site came from, I was always being approached by co-working about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining. Because I work in a busy workplace, I never had enough of someone’s time to sell them on the ideas that I had. I first wanted a place where the people that invested in my crypto mining side business would have site to access to see their earnings. Then I thought why not take it further.  

My vision for this site is that I will build this to be a knowledge base for crypto related research, applications, news and personal experience through this blog.  

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